Guided Tissue Regeneration

Guided tissue regeneration help periodontal patients “build” or “grow” new jawbone tissue, making their mouths healthier and greatly reduces their risk of losing teeth to periodontitis.

  • The gum is flapped back from the tooth to visualize the full extent of the damage.
  •  After the bone defect and root surface has been adequately cleaned and debrided, bone grafting material is then placed into the defect.
  • The use of a resorbable or non- resorbable artificial membrane is placed in the area to keep unwanted gum tissue away from the tooth and underlying bone permits the undisturbed re-growth of new bone adding stability to the tooth. The guided tissue membrane is then placed over the bone to seal the bone and prevent the gum from migrating  between the bone and the tooth surface.
  •  Precise repositioning of the gum tissue back into its original position is done and closed with sutures. If the membrane is non- resorbable, it will remain for about 6 weeks and then removed surgically. For resorbable membrane the second surgery is not necessary.

After about three to four months, the estimated amount of time it takes for your jawbone tissue to grow back, you will see Dr. Tsiokos again to check the success of your guided tissue regeneration. The success of the guided tissue regeneration procedure will be verified by taking X-rays and performing periodontal probing.

What is the Recovery Period from Guided Tissue Regeneration Like?

You will need to carefully follow your aftercare instructions to ensure your proper recovery from the oral surgery.  Additionally, you will want to follow a soft food diet for 3-5 days after your guided tissue regeneration procedure.

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